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Veterans Day Parade

Community Support
Community Support
March 12, 2018
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Everyone has been talking about the Trump military parade or veterans day parade. Whatever it's going to be. Nobody is even sure what anyone else is talking about referencing the parade. So let's try to boil it down to what we're addressing. A gigantic military parade that Trump suggested. When it takes place, we're not exactly sure. There have been rumors as to when, but nobody is completely and totally sure when it's going to take place.The whole thought behind the idea (we think) is to give respect to our armed forces, which we can totally get behind. It's been a long-standing practice to use parades to honor people for an accomplishment, whether it be an NBA, NFL or MLB championship title or like our military back to back world war champs (wink).It's a nice thought, but to be fair, we have a better idea. Now, this is an idea coming from an infantry terminal Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps, but we think he's hit the nail on the head precisely and he's not even a sniper.

military parade

Rotate accordingly so that we always have coverage and what not, but give the U.S. military a four day weekend and pardon one NJP from each battalion level command or higher. If you really want to honor the men and women who fight and work their hands to the bone, pour out blood, sweat, and tears, give them a day off with their family and pardon one troublemaker for what was more than likely a stupid young person mistake.A four day weekend would benefit everyone. The troops get a little rest and relaxation. Their bodies and minds can recover. They get quality time with their family. We know some people may act dumb and get in trouble, but for the most part, the entirety of our military will enjoy their four day weekend without incident.Pardon one NJP (Article 15 for the Army/Air Force types) from one battalion level command and higher. Most of the folks getting NJP's are still kids for the most part and do stupid kid things. How many of us have done stupid kid things that got taken entirely too seriously? All of us (raises both hands). We're not saying pardon a DUI or something severe, but something minor that could probably be solved with pushups, flutter kicks or sandbag PT till we get tired...pardon that, "train" your warfighter and get on with business!

military parade

Parades are cool, we guess, but this idea, this is certainly cheaper, and we guarantee much more appreciated.

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