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Vietnam War Memorial Vandalized

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
May 24, 2019
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A Vietnam War Memorial in Boston has been vandalized with graffiti in the neighborhood of Dorchester. American flags from the memorial were found thrown into a creek. What gives? What good did this do?We get it, there was a ton of unrest and disagreement with that war, but to do this, days before Memorial Day? What did this accomplish? At least own up to it if you believe that strongly in your beliefs.You hate the Vietnam War and the men who fought in it? Ok, this is America, you're free to believe as you want, but at least own up to it. Have the courage to say;"I did this, it was me, and this is why I did it."But no, whoever did this probably won't come forward and admit culpability until they really have no other choice. At that point, it's not brave, not that it would have been before, but at least we'd be able to say;"At least he wasn't scared and stood up for what he believed," even if what this person believed in was being a gigantic asshole.Getting back to our point, what good does this do now? The Vietnam War has been over for a while. Aside from being an asshole, what did this accomplish? Nothing.Way to go anonymous asshole. He or she accomplished literally nothing and we sincerely hope that this douche canoe is caught and has to clean the memorial.Way to rage against the machine super cool guy/gal, you sure showed that memorial who was boss (sarcasm), we're sure everyone definitely thinks you're the coolest person in school (more sarcasm). You painted a bunch of inanimate stones. Congratulations on your massive set of balls (sarcasm).Poetic justice would be served if the memorial was slightly slippery due to recent rains, and you slipped and caught a black eye and broken orbital if not more from the memorial.

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