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Getting Duped: Our Own Fault

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Community Support
January 21, 2019
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This isn't some hater post bashing us all for being dumb or getting duped. Rather if it's bashing anything it's bashing our willingness to immediately find outrage in basically 99% of what we're shown. Take any headline in the last six months for example. Has there not been shown to be more to each story than we're initially shown? Of course, there has. We're not idiots, we're not simpletons incapable of critical thought and analysis. But what do we do?We rage out. I won't say get offended because being offended...well that buzzword is so played out and overused to the point where if you merely disagree with someone suddenly you're a precious flower whose feelings get hurt (waits for the inevitable smart ass asking if we're offended by the word offended). Anyways, we rage out, whatever side people choose to take, there is always always always always people who feel that the knee jerk reaction is appropriate. We've all done it. I've done it. You've done it. Let's not pretend we're the dudes or dudettes walkin' on water here.We're all getting duped and it's our own fault because we'd rather be the first to have an opinion or rally the "troops" than to wait and see all of the facts. I'll make a better effort, whether or not you all make a better effort, but the truth is we're capable of being better. We're all capable of sitting back and going"Whoa there Bill, don't you think this instance is almost TOO perfect of an example of what the opposition says about us?""You know what there Sam, this does fit a little too perfectly, almost like it was designed that way, we should investigate more."Like, I said, we're all guilty of these knee jerk reactions, but the great thing about it being our fault is...we can fix it and we should.

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