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Impolite Discourse: A Lost Art?

Community Support
Community Support
July 23, 2019
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We don't even care about polite discourse, like, whatever happened to just shouting "Fuck you" at someone you didn't like and getting along with your day? The reason we ask this is due to the recent incident where NYPD officers were doused with water and one officer was hit in the head with a bucket while making an arrest. What ever happened to impolite discourse?Seriously, if you don't like the police, fine, whatever, some are really amazing people who live up to the motto of "Protect and Serve" and there are others that don't. You're going to find bad apples in every occupation in the entire world, but this isn't really so much about that one instance and police so much as it's about a culture of people who can't even have impolite discourse.Everywhere we turn these days it seems like someone has to get physically violent or do something physical to someone else who disagrees. Rand Paul got punched by his neighbor that didn't like him. The dude in the Army or National Guard got caught on tape assaulting his wife...shit man, we'll ask again. What ever happened to just saying "Fuck you" and moving along with your day?Not everyone you meet is going to warrant being nice to in conversation. They may come at you with some bullshit, but you can just as easily tell them to eat a back of fuck and go about your day. No single person is going to live their lives and not come into contact with someone they see eye to eye with. I'm sure someone could be a smug bastard and say what about babies that die soon after birth, ok asshole, I bet not everyone in the room delivering the baby sees eye to eye with each other or would see eye to eye with the baby if it were to grow up.But rather we see it day in and day out, you disagree with someone, apparently, that means you gotta get physical with someone? Give me a break with that bullshit.What ever happened to impolite discourse, where we could vent our opinions, accurate or faulty, and then tell the other side to fuck off and continue to enjoy our day? It's a sad day when telling someone to eat a bag of dicks or telling them that you hope they get fucked by Ewoks is suddenly not enough anymore.I know this is coming off as a rant, but there are some serious issues here, many states allow for you to haul off and beat someone's ass for putting their hands on you in an aggressive manner and as the old wisdom goes, you never know who you're screwing with. You put your hands on that person, you could get shot, get beat into a pulp, get stabbed...who knows.Closing point. Keep your hands to yourself and just tell people to go eat a bag of dicks.

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