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Home Invader vs. Unwanted House Guest

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January 22, 2019
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Nothing. Well, except when it comes to anti-gun media outlets demonizing a tool that can be used for both good and evil. What is the difference between a home invader and an unwanted house guest? Well for their sensationalizing, it's a lot easier to defend an unwanted house guest than a home invader. Because we know how much certain outlets loooove to demonize law-abiding citizens and praise criminals because "they're just having a hard time."Let us explain the difference and how we approach the two terms.If you break into our home, you're going to have a hard time breathing or having any brain function. You're not an unwelcome house guest, you're a home invader. We're from the south and the very idea of someone being a guest on any level is that we provide them with some semblance of southern hospitality. We've had people we don't LOVE in our house (we tolerated them)...they were unwanted house guests. They were given food and lodging, shelter from the storm if you will, but invited to not return again, unless it was a life or death situation, at which point we'd again feed them and shelter them from the elements.When it comes to an unwanted house guest there is some degree of civility and human kindness that we exercise. When it comes to a home invader, whose intentions are unknown and we have not welcomed him begrudgingly or otherwise into our home, we're not inclined to be so kind and hospitable. We'll send you packing to the hereafter or the ER with several more holes than the good Lord saw fit to initially give you.Don't let these sensationalizing media pundits try to use linguistic gymnastics to make you feel guilty for making a home invader a see-through object. A home invader will always be a home invader even if some polished pundit wants to refer to them as an unwanted house guest. You can go ahead and miss us with that victim mentality bullshit!

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