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What the F*** is an Accidental Conflict?

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May 15, 2019
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Seriously? What kind of stupid ass bullshit is that? Have the rest of the world saying shit like "We're worried the United States and Iran might get into an accidental conflict due to rising tensions." When it happens it's not gonna be an accident, friends, someone has been wanting to fight. Maybe both sides want to fight, maybe it just is what it is and we obviously can't get along so we fight, but it's no accident that's for damn sure.If there are rising tensions and everyone can predict for weeks, months or even years in advance, that there will be a conflict, shit isn't a fuggin accident, it just didn't start the way the powers that be wanted it to start. We'll call it..."Premature Warlation". Because the war came before everyone was "ready".An accident is something nobody could see happening, something that was a fluke of nature, something that nobody, not even our friendly Skynet AI wannabe Watson from IBM can predict will happen with absolute certainty...that's what an accident is. An accident is a bird flying into a jet engine. An accident is us tripping and falling like the klutzes that we are. It's not an accident if we talk shit to the bully down the street for ten years and then one day we get into it. Everyone sees that shit coming.An accidental conflict would be like us sailing to Britain all friendly like, then they bomb one of our ships and so we sink one of their ships, then boom war. That'd be an accidental conflict. Nobody would see it coming, because we're best buds militarily speaking most of the time. We're allies...getting into a war with Britain would be an accident...(not that we shouldn't do it, full circle make England a colony...that's a joke).That's an accidental conflict!!! You don't have two nations taking jabs at each other for the last several decades and have it escalate into war and call it an accident. On some level, someone wants to fight. Both sides are saying neither want to fight, but we'll see who fires the first shots (we think it'll happen sooner or later) in this "AcCiDeNtAl CoNfLiCt".

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