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Where Do Illegal Guns Come From?

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January 11, 2019
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Gotta love these scientific studies sometimes. The study is important don't get our sarcasm wrong here, it just went on to prove what many of us already knew. It was one of those studies that smack you repeatedly in the face with a "duh doy" kind of attitude. The Department of Justice conducted the study and we bet it pains them greatly to publish the study which proves what gun rights advocates have been saying for decades.Criminals don't get their guns legally. Duh. No shit. Of course. Well, obviously. Thank you, Captain Obvious. We could go on but for the sake of filling you guys in, we'll move on.Forty-three percent of criminals acquired their guns through the "black market". Hmmm you mean someone who wants a gun will find a way to get one legally or illegally? Craaaazy. The study went on to say that only six percent acquired their guns from theft, meaning guns are secure in the hands of law-abiding citizens and often their guns don't get stolen.Not really seeing where law-abiding gun owners are the problem here.Ten percent were able to acquire the guns from a retail store and that's to be expected when you have someone with no record who is intent on committing their first crime. Hard to stop them, however, only .8 percent were able to purchase their guns at a gun show.So much for that gun show loophole folks are always talking about.43% Black Market/Illegal source (Obviously Illegal)15% Got from family or friends (Illegal)12% Guns were brought to the crime scene by someone else. (Illegal)11% Someone bought the gun for them (Illegal)10% Retail Source (Legal)6% Theft (Illegal).8% Gun Shows (Legal)If anything. This study shows that it isn't law abiding citizens, rather it's people who choose to acquire the firearm through a number of illicit means, like stealing or through enablers who provide the gun to the criminal.The world is not perfect, that is certain, however, it is made safer by law-abiding citizens with their guns. Given that most guns used in crimes are acquired through less than legal means, it gives us a solid reason to continue to fight for our rights to carry weapons for self-defense and well you know...that other tyrannical reason.

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