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Women and Guns

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Gear + Kits
April 5, 2019
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Ugh. I don't even know where to begin with this. There was an article written on the subject of domestic violence and firearm ownership by women. The piece relied heavily on research that asserted that when a male abuser has access to a firearm it doesn't make the female victim safer, therefore arming women against abusers is a bad idea. If you're a victim of abuse, why in the hell would you allow your abuser to know or have access to YOUR firearm? I don't even let friends have access to my firearm without my explicit permission.This is the closing quote from that article,"Given what we know about the consequences when an abusive intimate partner is armed, it is irresponsible to assume that adding a gun to an already volatile situation will make the victim less fearful and more safe."It's a clever trick, to assert that arming a female victim of abuse would tacitly enable the abuser to have the very same access to the firearm. Most of the research cited only cited circumstances where there was a gun in the home...well a gun in the home and a gun in the hand of a possible victim are two completely different things.If you're a victim of abuse and you're scared of your abuser, are you going to inform them that you're 1) buying a gun and 2) it's in the house? Seems counterproductive to me. But I am on the outside looking in and I am a guy, so I'm fully aware that my perspective is that of a dude who is extremely familiar with firearms. However, whenever I think of the women I've dated, and how at times they'd get to work early and it's dark or they leave work late and it's dark and they're all alone in creepy parking lots... I'd feel much better knowing they had a firearm and were properly trained on how to make heads into canoes.The article keeps harping on how the abuser will have access to the gun...but most gun owners don't readily give access to their firearms to another person. And if you do, for shame. On a personal note, if you're not me and you take my gun without informing me, that's a quick way to get another gun pulled on you and possibly shot. Don't pick up other peoples firearms without their permission, it's a bad idea.Most of us already know, and don't need to be told twice to maintain positive control of our weapon or allow someone who would abuse the weapon near it.Asserting that because there is merely just "a gun in the home" means we're arming the female who is/or was at one time a victim of domestic violence is shamefully intellectually dishonest.At the end of the day, the article makes a solid point that abusers being armed is a bad idea, to which everyone in the metaphorical room said "No shit. We're not trying to arm the abusers, you dolt."Women, please arm up. Because the truth of the world is this. There are shit people who give zero flying f***s about common decency and respect for their fellow human beings and those people will sadly always exist, better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.If you are a female and are interested in learning more about firearm ownership and you don't have a host of solid resources, we'd like to offer a resource. The D.C. Project is an organization that focuses on 2nd Amendment rights as they relate to women.

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