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World of Unrest: Understanding Global Issues

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Community Support
May 26, 2020
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Is it just us or does it seem like the whole world has gone into a state of unrest? Going through the latest news headlines it seems like every country is up to something, and not necessarily for the good. Have lockdowns caused world leaders to go into a frenzy? Or are we noticing more because we can't go to the bars so we read more news?We already posted the article about Afghanistan releasing more prisoners on our Facebook page. Quite frankly, pretty sure we are just over that whole situation already anyways. We have written multiple articles about it and not much has changed.Then we have Russia. The headlines are now talking about Russian fighter jets headed to Libya. Apparently there are Russian mercenaries there helping with an attempt to overthrow the current Libyan government. Of course there's still the unsolved cases of the medical personnel throwing themselves out of windows too. Oh, we almost forgot... Russia also released they are going to begin building their first stealth bomber.Let's see... next is China. What isn't China doing right now?! They are going hard in the paint against Hong Kong making additional laws about protesting behaviors being illegal. They are also threatening to send aircraft and ships to Taiwan as a show of force. Not to mention releasing a report stating they will spend $178 billion dollars on their military this year. They also want to continue to increase the tracking of their people and their "health habits," even giving people ranks. There's also mounting issues at the India-China border that some outlets are saying will call for military action... That's probably not all, but it takes the cake today.Wait, wait... China is also releasing "reports" stating COVID-19 came from neither a lab OR an animal market... Because that simplifies everything! Then there are also some YouTube anti-communist comments going missing... China? Never! (That was sarcasm.)There's also Iran sending oil tankers to Venezuela in an effort to partially taunt the U.S., but all it gets is a shrug for now...Then you have all kinds of "no one wore a mask as they gathered in large masses on Memorial Day and now the whole world is on fire" headlines. Most of them talk about "the new norm." As in, that exact phrase and how we should all be accepting and understanding of all the imposed lockdowns and "guidelines" without question, waiting for government officials to tell us what we need and who is essential.... (We won't tell you it's propaganda, you can decide that for yourself.) We aren't saying people should or should not wear masks, or gather, particularly on Memorial Day- we just saw this one coming. Is it mainstream media trying to fear monger? You tell us.There were a few more things sprinkled through the world news but these were the most... notable? We can break a few of these topics down further, but ultimately, it just seemed like the news included everyone and everything and no one is happy.What do you think? Is everyone in a state of unrest? Is this the "new norm"? Which of these do you want to read about further? Drop a comment! Also, let us know what you think of the new AmericanGrit.com look!

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