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Unveiling a Murder Charge & Stolen Valor

Active Military
Active Military
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Veteran News
March 11, 2019
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A preliminary hearing regarding the charge of murder most foul by Major Mathew Golsteyn has been canceled. The top investigator was shown to be a stolen valor piece of shit, wearing a Purple Heart ribbon that he most certainly didn't earn as well as several badges that he didn't earn. Lt. Gen. Francis Beaudette as the convening authority will now get to set a historical standard and either forever cripple our operators or ensure their future safety.War is shit. Whether it's the straightforward big battle lines of infantry crashing against each other circa WW2 or the extremely asymmetrical version we've seen in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. To paraphrase our favorite superhero, "It's a Yakov Smirnoff opening for the Spin Doctors at the Iowa StateFair." The only redeeming quality of war is that in some instances as a good guy, which we generally like to give the benefit of the doubt to our forces, you get to make some bad guys go to forever sleep land. In that regard, war is cool.When you get to drop a walking shit sandwich of a dude that kills innocents, bombs's gotta be a good feeling. Like Ahhnold said in True Lies when Jamie Lee Curtis asked if he'd killed anyone, "Yes, but they were all bad people." Same shit goes here. Lt. Gen. Francis Beaudette has an opportunity to review the facts, and the facts are this (as far as we can gather sitting here in Texas), Major Golsteyn killed a known combatant after the combatant was released by Afghan forces. Who the f*** reading this actually trusts the Afghan forces to do their due diligence? Bueller? Bueller? Yeah, we didn't think so.We're not Harvard educated intelligence analysts here, but dude...Afghan police and military don't have a stellar track record of vetting people in their own ranks, much less the people they take into custody.We hope Lt. Gen. Francis Beaudette dismisses all charges regarding Major Golsteyn as nothing more than what appears, at least in our eyes, to be a witch hunt carried out by someone with an ax to grind and little honor themselves.

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