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Armed Veterans in Schools

Active Military
Active Military
Veteran News
Veteran News
February 13, 2019
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Veterans in schools...Sounds like a great idea right? I think least in the intent. Give some veterans jobs doing something they know how to do, give them a purpose, man these all sound great and wonderful, right? But...yes there is a but, without proper vetting, we're not doing anyone anywhere any favors.Just saying,"Oh I'm a combat vet" ...shouldn't get you a friggin job, in a school, with a weapon with kids. I get we want to protect kids Florida, and hopefully, you go about this the right way, you make them prove their ability to work with a team, to hit what they're shooting at, to understand what lies beyond their target, and that they are of sound mental health.Nothing wrong with a veteran going through some mental stuff. Happens to the best of them. You don't just condition kids for their whole lives that fighting in school is wrong, then flip a switch at 18 and say, "It's cool to smoke check these people."There will be some sort of adjustment period. Remember this. PTSD is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. So first off, let's do away with the stigma that PTSD means you're a f***ing looney. It doesn't plenty of well-functioning adults suffer from it and it's not isolated purely to the military. So there is that.Until they've completed treatment or pass a screening test, let's not Rambo them up and put them around a bunch of unruly kids. Why do I say unruly? Because let's be honest parents, kids are unruly in a mob, and if you don't think they are, congrats on the one kid to never act a fool, you must be so proud.I propose that with this vetting process if you find a veteran in need of therapy, we fast track him/her to some counseling and get him the tools he or she needs to be successful. Nothing like telling someone they're broke and then kicking them to the street to up their self-esteem am I right?Being in charge of security at a school is no small task and while it sounds great to hire a bunch of dudes like me to do it, let's make sure we set everyone up for success in the process, because if this is the route we go down, we can't afford for everyone's sake to get it wrong even once, or the headlines will take no prisoners.

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