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Breaking: Mark Esper Confirmed as Secretary of Defense

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Active Military
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Veteran News
July 23, 2019
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Well, we have a new war daddy whether we like him or not. Mark Esper was confirmed by the Senate today as the new Secretary of Defense. In this case, you can actually just read the headline and get the gist of the story, the rest of what I'm going to write is purely opinion and probably not of any real importance, but if you want, I'm not stopping you.When we first heard that Mark Esper was the nominee, we didn't know shit about him. Guess what? We still don't know shit about him because we don't have the kind of pull to walk into his office and chat him up like he's my boy back on the block.My thoughts, which are mine alone and very simple and shallow when it comes to things like this are as follows.I want Mark to commit to us winning. Not in a long drawn out war, but should we ever decided that some sonofabitch needs to get a lesson taught, we need to win decisively. While the preferred method of interaction on the global scale in my mind, is trade, we can't forget that there are truthfully some people in power who just want to watch the world burn, and will act out despite any attempts at diplomacy.I want us to attempt to achieve the goal of Teddy Roosevelt aspired towards, "Walk softly, carry a big stick."War has made a peaceful man out of me, but I shall never forget that war is not civil, nor humane, nor glorious, it is simply war and it is much better to win it than to lose it.All in all, what I want is very simple. Stay our hand as much as possible, but have strategies and practices in place so that we never leave another battlefield in doubt.That being said, congratulations to Mark Esper, you hold a sacred duty and we wish you success.

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