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Inside a Negligent Discharge

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October 18, 2018
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It is really difficult to have a negligent discharge of a firearm that hurts someone. Like...stupid hard, you basically have to purposely violate five basic, so simple a cockatoo could follow them rules in order to hurt someone. This article will take you inside how hard it is to have the gun "accidentally" go off and hurt someone.For idiots that know nothing or very little about guns, please pay attention. Barring manufacturing defects, you have several key things you have to purposely ignore like an idiot for the gun to go off. That's why we call it a negligent discharge, not an accident. An accident is unforeseen. An accident is unpredictable. Negligence means you acted like a f***ing moron when handling a gun and someone should probably pistol whip you with yours for being so careless with it.First rule you violated in an ND that hurts someone, you assumed the weapon wasn't loaded. All weapons are loaded unless everyone around you sees that it isn't by visual inspecting the chamber and magazine well. If that firearm disappears from sight...guess what, we're gonna assume it's loaded again. The one time assuming doesn't make an ass out of you and me. The second thing you had to do is point the weapon, we're assuming is loaded, at someone.Minor segway here unless we've all inspected the weapon and seen it's empty and then you told me for training purposes that you're going to point it at me, we're gonna be reaaaaallllly pissed off if you're pointing a gun at us.The third thing you have to do is put your finger on the trigger while violating both the first two things. Guns don't just magically fire with thoughts. You have to ignore the fact that the weapon may be loaded, then you point the weapon, then put your stupid finger on the trigger. THEN EVEN THEN, if the weapon is on safe, you're still good.Literally, you could violate all of those rules and the safety still be on and thankfully no accident. HOWEVER. Not all weapons have safeties. So don't violate those first three. Last but not least, if you're not aware of what you're pointing at and what is reasonably beyond it, should you really be handling a firearm? No. The answer is no.To commit a negligent discharge, you really have to either be stupid as shit or trying to cause harm at which point it's like at least manslaughter or like 3rd-degree murder. Some shit like that.

Negligent Discharge

Don't be that guy. We don't care how cool you think you are, you're not Eric Bana in Blackhawk Down. There are no accidents, only absolute negligence, and carelessness.

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