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Retired Sergeant Rob Jones' Inspiring Journey

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Veteran News
October 17, 2017
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Isaac Newton in his pursuit to understand how celestial bodies moved in relation to one another invented Calculus. And then he turned 25. Isaac Newton’s parents are silently judging all of us from beyond the grave. Except for one man. That man may not be mortal at all, in fact, he is retired Sergeant Rob Jones, of the United States Marine Corps. Isaac Newton better watches his back as Sgt. Jones endeavor would put even the most accomplished amongst us to shame.During his second trip to Afghanistan, Sgt. Jones stepped on an IED and lost both of his legs. Jones, like many of our amputees, was undeterred to come back stronger than ever in spite of his injuries. Jones has since competed and medaled as a rower in the 2012 Paralympic Games showing us that when it comes to achievement and staying active, we’ve got no excuse. Not one to slow down the Marine veteran has also cycled across the United States to raise money for veteran charities. Raise money he did, the double-amputee brought in a whopping $120,000 for the various charities. Suddenly, saying “I’m too tired to go to the gym” doesn’t seem like a reasonable excuse.

Just when you think he can’t do anymore, he goes and takes on the challenge of running 31 marathons in 31 cities in 31 days. The Lovettsville, Virginia native just doesn’t seem to have an off switch. With all that he’s accomplished, what excuse do we really have to not go out into the world and do something awe-inspiring? Best of luck to you Sgt. Jones, Semper Fidelis!For more information on Rob and his charity events, you can check out the webpage here.

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