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Tactical Fanny Pack: The Nut Ruck

Gear + Kits
Gear + Kits
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Community Support
February 10, 2020
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Imagine being able to keep your hand cannon in a fanny pack for freedom-on-the-go. Now, imagine being able to keep delicious fruit snacks next to your spare batteries. My friends, imagine no more because Arbor Arms has brought back the old school accessory and modernized it for the warrior who likes to party. No one will dare make fun of your fanny pack while you're looking tactisexy and ready to kill with 2020's hottest combat accessory.

The nitty gritty

I like this concept because sometimes you don't want to carry a full fucking war-belt. That shit is heavy, bulky and sometimes you want to be able to simply grab and go. This has a ton of different configurations to fit any gear setup from tubes/clips to "hook and loop" (velcro). Some options are small enough for just a small site exploration kit and others can hold a pistol/magazines.

Not every mission needs EVERY piece of gear in your kit, so being able to detach is clutch. You can also pass off the bag before or during missions, like if roles and duties change. This allows you to stay one step ahead of the bullshit that always seems to pop up when you're already pissed off. (Finger fucking your gear is the last thing you want to be doing while you're on the X.)The larger configuration could work nicely as a compact range bag with all the essentials right at your fingertips. The website bills the size around 10.25″ x 6″ x  4″ in center tapering to 2″ on sides.

The company

Arbor Arms was started by combat Veterans who say "We stand behind the quality of all of our products. Handcrafted in the United States by Combat Veterans" They have a full line of products if you need a fix on being the latest and greatest. Let us know what you'd keep in your fanny pack in the comments below.

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