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The American Brand

Community Support
Community Support
Veteran News
Veteran News
January 16, 2018
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What is the American brand? Many of you know Grunt Style as military & patriotic apparel. That has been the company's bread and butter for the last several years. It has been a tremendous success and we've achieved so much that we never even thought possible. It all started with a desire to maintain the culture of the military once we had left. A culture of pride in yourself, pride in the military and pride in country.As with all things, time grows and changes that which we know. While we still are Grunt Style, military, and patriotic apparel, we are also now Grunt Style, the American brand. With all of your support and your appreciation for what we do, we've been able to grow and expand into something even bigger. While still encompassing the military and patriotic ideals, we've stepped out into a new realm. We're bringing in large scale, manufacturing jobs back to America. Branching out from the iconic city of Chicago to another iconic American city, we've just opened up new facilities in San Antonio, Texas. Grunt Style is bringing jobs to a growing, thriving city that embodies the American spirit.

The American Brand

There was a time when "Made in America" meant something. A time when the quality of a product was measured by that simple phrase. That's a phrase that Grunt Style still believes in. It's not meant to put down others, but rather to lift us up. It's a phrase that says "I have pride in myself and my work," that idea is one of our key values, that we take pride in whatever it is we do and we give it our best shot. So while we are still Grunt Style, military, and patriotic apparel, we want you to get ready for what's next, the pride in self and pride in the country that we have. Thank you for all of the support, we're excited to be the American brand!This is Grunt Style and this we'll defend.

The American Brand
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