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Books for Warriors

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May 14, 2018
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If James Mattis has taught us anything it's that an educated mind makes for a deadly mind. The Warrior Monk, CHAOS Actual, and current Secretary of Defense James Mattis has long been known as a proponent of reading and he himself has read quite a few books, his favorite we've already discussed here. These books for warriors are a great starting point and continuation of a warriors education.We've done some reading of our own and picked out five books in no particular order of importance, that we think you should definitely read if you are an aspiring warrior, or just want to be a little bit better informed. You don't have to be a warrior to read these books, you just have to be able to read. Sorry, Marines, just kidding.1. Meditations, Marcus Aurelius

Books for Warriors

This is the book James Mattis keeps on him at all times. The stoic philosophy holds that virtue is the highest imperative and implores the followers to always act justly absent desire or need for worldly goods. In this day in age where it's all me me me, want want want, the simplicity of the Stoics is a welcome breath of fresh air. For warriors, it teaches discipline in the face of hardship and shows how one should act in said adversity. Great book, great read.2. On Killing, Lt. Col Dave Grossman

Books for warriors

We're trying not to show too much favoritism towards the current Lord of War..er Secretary of Defense but, he makes a good point "The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot." This book is probably the preeminent book on how the taking of life can affect people in law enforcement and the military, a solid read for any would-be warriors.3. The Art of War, Sun Tzu

Books for Warriors

You had to know this book would be here. A time-honored classic on military doctrine by the famed general during China's Warring States period. This philosophy and strategy is highly valuable among all scholars of war.4. On War, Carl von Clausewitz

Books for Warriors

This treatise on war written after the Napoleonic Wars is held in much the same regard as the previous book on this list. On War has many different ideas on war as it was written throughout von Clausewitz's life, and shows that he learned and evolved as we all should. A definitive must read by all who consider themselves warriors.5. We Were One: Shoulder to Shoulder with the Marines Who Took Fallujah, Patrick K. O'Donnell

Books for Warriors

(Editors note: I read this as I got ready to deploy on my second trip to Iraq, it was truly a magnificent piece.) If you want to know what brotherhood and modern war looks like, look no further. This book is in the opinion of the staff her, an in-depth look at how warriors come together as a family and overcome the most horrific of circumstances.Honorable Mentions, you should definitely read as well: War and Peace, Red Platoon

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