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The Truth

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Community Support
June 18, 2019
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Trigger pullers are trigger pullers are trigger pullers. Sounds redundant and dumb, right? It won't in a minute give me a second to explain. See there I was outside the local pew pew emporium that is Sons of Liberty Gun Works. Around me sat a guy from the Marine Corps Reconnaissance community, another guy from the Teams, several other veterans, and mercenaries who'd been doing dirty deeds to ISIS because was ISIS do you need any other reason? Shit man.Me, just a four year Lance Corporal and basic ass grunt from the Marine Corps amidst a group of what you might call the varsity team of warriors and body droppers. We all poked fun at each other. Every last one of us there were jokes about Marines and eating crayons, jokes about how much hair product the SEAL had in his car at the time, it was endless. The shit talking never stopped and we all laughed our asses off to the point of exhaustion.What does this have to do with the truth? I'm getting there, it's called building to an epic and simple truth. F***in ADHD society, try to have an attention span that lasts longer than a bull ride.Everyone in that circle, everyone in that smoke pit was equal. Not in skill or experience, but in the respect they had for one another.Now, I'm not going to go into a SEAL bar in Coronado and ask who can balance a red ball on their nose the best, because I don't have a desire to find out how many of them they'll use to beat my ass, not that they'd need a lot, but the truth that I've been building to is this...Shooters don't get their feelings hurt over jokes from other shooters. Everyone laughs and moves on with their day. That is the truth.Real trigger pullers aren't getting their buttholes chaffed over a joke. Their laughing and sending one right back.

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