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Ryker USA: AR Grip Innovation

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November 4, 2020
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Have you heard of the Ryker Grip? If so, you know why it is so amazing. If not, let us introduce you to your new favorite shooting accessory.Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door. I’m not sure whether there’s a plethora of people scrambling to get new mousetraps on the market. In the tactical industry there’s no denying that there's an ever increasing demand for performance enhancement.The risk of being sold a bill of goods is high with any accessory. Especially with one promising a clear path to top performance. Lighter wallets and a lack of improvement leaves even the most optimistic shooter jaded. Is it any wonder when something new of true worth comes to market it risks being fodder for trolls and naysayers.Enter the Ryker Grip. In it’s short time on the market, it's stirring the pot. Posts, Vlogs and forums abound with comments about this new style of fore grip. As with anything that’s requires a new way of thinking, many hastily take to their keyboards to trash and/or attempt to find humor in what they don’t’ understand.

The new hotness

A skeptical first glance the Ryker Grip (also known as the Ryker Fist Grip) is understandable. Without knowing the biomechanics and issues the grip addresses, it might be easy to dismiss it as just another marketing exercise. But the Ryker Grip is far from a gimmick. Created by former active duty USMC Master Sargent Ron Holmes, this grip is the result of his 20 years of service in Marine Recon and Marine Special Operations Command. Originally, the Ryker Grip was designed for shooters with shoulder injuries, however it was quickly realized that the grip had farther reaching applications.The Ryker Grip wasn’t rushed to market, instead a team of well-trained, veteran shooters, doctors and experts in bio-mechanics was assembled and a rigorous testing and development program initiated. The outcome was not only validation that the grip worked as intended for those with shoulder injuries but also the development of a new arguably superior shooting method that improves speed, accuracy and stability.So what is the grip and why is it effective for shooters without such challenges? It’s all in the Biomechanics.The side mounted grip (don’t’ worry lefties, it’s ambidextrous) provides more positive purchase for your support hand. The shape puts your hand in similar position as your support hand when properly gripping a pistol. The thumb forward position of the Ryker Grip allows your arm to be in a more naturally extended position than gripping the handguard alone or with an under-mounted grip.

Ergonomics and shooting

Mounting the handguard with palm over or thumb on top rail, the muscles in the forearm are in torsional (twisting) tension. The weaker forearm muscles are now engaged. This helps in controlling muzzle flip and assisting in target reacquisition. Also, in moving the rifle while keeping it stable against the shooters body. That’s a lot of work for a small muscle group. Additionally, your support arm crosses the centerline of your body, which results in your shoulders not being squared.Mounting the Rifle with the RYKER GRIP was simple. I also immediately notice my support arm is more relaxed with no tension in my wrist. Bringing the butt stock tight and stable against my shoulder is done more easily by engaging larger muscle groups. Additionally, with my support arm is not crossing my centerline. Rifle movement both left and right is also swifter. In addition, with my support hand thumb forward, target acquisition was more instinctive.


Biomechanical advantages aside there are other benefits inherent in the Ryker Grip’s design. The grip easily serves as a barricade stop. It also braces the rifle when in less than vertical shooting positions. When kitted up, the grip conveniently moved freely across equipment and clothing that other grips would catch become entangled.Still thinking it’s a little weird looking? Yes, it does look a little unconventional. Looks aside, the sum of it all is that the Ryker Grip™ works. Don’t believe me? There’s dozens of warfighters that have been using the Ryker Grip in combat for close to 3 years.

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