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Much Ado About Wine: Appreciating Wine Culture

Veteran News
Veteran News
August 30, 2018
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The boys like whiskey, but us ladies...well we're a little bit more discerning in our tastes. We still enjoy many of the same things but when it comes to washing it down, we prefer something a little more crafted and cultured. Something that is understated then comes on strong with bold vivacious flavors. Not to vilify beer or whiskey, they have their place. However, nothing is quite so elegant as a well-aged Cabernet, or a delightful Moscato.We don't need a special occasion to pour ourselves a glass...okay multiple glasses of wine. As the sun dips below the horizon and we've settled into our comfortable clothes for the evening, nothing is as comforting as popping the cork on our favorite bottle and allowing the worries and stress of the week to just...melt away as we sip on that delectable nectar from the vine. Whether white, red or a blend, I seem to forget about the troubles that day, week or month have produced.Wine requires some measure of culture, whereas the men swill gin and other spirits. Our choice beverage requires proper soil, aging, etc...it requires that one have sophisticated tastes. We sip wine and embrace each sip, tasting each individual flavor, rather than gulping it down like some brutish drunk.


No, we're connoisseurs of a fine, well-crafted beverage with rich genetic lineage amongst the grapes.But most of all. Most of all when it comes right down to it. The reason we enjoy wine is because wine my dear ladies, listens. It doesn't try to fix or instruct. It merely listens and provides the comfort we wanted. It doesn't cheat, it doesn't stay out all night long carousing with that whore Trixie from "high school".


Wine is the ever faithful, ever-present friend who will listen, no matter the hour or occasion.

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