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Navy Captain Shows Off in Weight Room, Then on Flight Deck

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
December 12, 2018
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While many people were impressed with the raw strength that Captain Pat "Fin" Hannifin displayed in the weight room aboard the USS Ronald Reagan, easily bench pressing 315 pounds with no warmup, they missed the former fighter pilot turned carrier commander put his real strength on display.After warming up with that light work on the bench press, Captain Hannifin made his way out to the flight deck for his actual workout of the day, launching F/A-18 Super Hornets. Donning protective gear to keep the flames from the Super Hornet's afterburners from ruining his dashing good fighter pilot looks, Captain Hannifin walked up behind an F/A-18 waiting to launch."Catapult is down for maintenance! I got this!" He shouted to the pilot as he made his way aft of the aircraft.After clapping his glove-clad hands together a few times, "Fin" as he's known, grab hold of the F/A-18 and with a grunt started the aircraft down the flight deck. Picking up an ungodly amount of speed in an insanely short amount of time, Captain Hannifin had the aircraft aloft with room to spare. On to next one."Well, the first one is down only 15 more to go," muttered Hannifin as he walked back to the next waiting aircraft. The F/A-18s were easy, lightweight aircraft, however the P-3 Orion that he'd have to launch last would be a little bit of a difficulty, but only because at that point, he'd be a smidge fatigued.

While this certainly would have been impressive to see on camera, everyone knows cell phones are strictly prohibited on the flight deck during flight operations. We only received the footage because the DoD thinks that we are (and this is a direct quote),"Totes cool and won't abuse their trust like the Coast Guard did that one time." We're assuming that's why the Coast Guard is now under the Department of Homeland Security...We just have one question;Where was this guy when Navy needed to score last weekend?

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