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Full Gruntle - Pyramid Game: End Zone picks

August 16, 2023
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"Game On, Mother F!! It's Football Season!" It’s time to  hunker down in your trusty Lazy Boy and tune out the world until post-Super Bowl.

Join the revelry on today's episode of "Full Gruntle" where we're tackling:

*Blindsided - Was it all a lie?

*Top Fantasy Football Punishments according to a sports site

*Tom Brady - How Much To Announce???

*Full Gruntle Picks - We're putting our crystal ball to work for *MVP, AFC/NFC Champs, and the Super bowl Winner.

*Pyramid Game: Marines vs Army It's a strategic showdown between the finest!

Stay right where you are for a football frenzy, camaraderie, and all the good stuff on "Full Gruntle"!

About Full Gruntle

Welcome to Full Gruntle, the flagship live variety show by Grunt Style. Sneak away from your boss or hide under your desk every Wednesday to tune in to the worst show on the interwebs. Get ready for unfiltered comedy, authentic engagement with the Grunt Style brand team, and a chance to win awesome gear. So grab your phone, find a hiding spot, and buckle up for the wild ride of Full Gruntle!

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