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Do You Know What's F***ing Stupid?

Active Military
Active Military
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Community Support
February 19, 2019
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I know it's an old topic and people have droned on and on and on about it for as long as I can remember. Being able to drink when you're 18. If you're old enough to be given high explosives and told to kill some dudes a few thousand of miles from home, but in the same sentence told you can't have a beer, well friends, that's just f***ing stupid.The whole crux of the deal is that tons of Marines, sailors, soldiers, and airmen get in trouble each year for underage drinking. It possibly sets their careers back several years if not convince them to just get out after their initial contract is up. I know, I know, I know. Rules are rules and everyone should live by the rules. Let's see how you feel about living by the rules when they try and come for your guns. It is the responsibility of every good citizen to protest and at times disobey stupid, unlawful, and ridiculous rules.To us, the fact that a guy can be shouldered with the burden of making sure Mr. Terrorist "no work here anymore", but he can't crack open a frosty cold one AND he'll be crucified by many commands if he does, is the very definition of stupid.We're not saying that to deal with the burden you should drink. We're saying that if he's responsible enough to turn heads into canoes with heavy weapons, he's probably responsible enough to have a beer or two if he wants.When we flew to Iraq, we stopped in Ireland and a whole bunch of 18-year-olds were then permitted to drink...Did landing in another country suddenly make us more responsible than we were 11 hours ago when we took off from California?No.We get it, it's scary just like when they pulled the old prohibition card and then revoked it. People swore there would be pandemonium in the streets, that life as we knew it would cease to exist and our nation would crumble. Well, guess what, it didn't. The same rule applies here. It's not like the 21+ and up crowd is so responsible that they aren't getting any DUI's.

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