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Headlines Reflect Tragic Heroism

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October 1, 2019
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This week while scrolling through the news, a couple of tragic stories caught our eye and we thought we should reflect a little on the heroes. In one story, a 15 year old boy gives his life to save his sibling from a home intruder. In another, a Purple Heart recipient who risked his life and ultimately lost it, attempting to save his granddaughter from a house fire.While both of these stories end in death, they show us there are humans on this planet willing to do whatever it takes to protect others. With headlines full of violence and all of the harsh realities going on all over the world, sometimes we like to stop and look at what good is coming out of such a cruel environment. Well, these two stories (and probably a few others we haven't read yet), show good can come from the evil of others.Khyler Edman was only 15 years old when a very violent intruder broke into his home last week. While the investigation is ongoing to find out exactly what happened, just know the burglar was apprehended with several stab wounds in his hands and side, not far from the Edman home. At 15 years old, this child had the reactive ability to be a fighter and a protector. He truly was our kind of person.Meanwhile, Don Osteen, an Army veteran was fighting for his life last week and unfortunately lost the battle. Osteen, a Purple Heart recipient during Vietnam, died from a heart attack during surgery for injuries sustained during a house fire just two weeks prior. Osteen was lighting a match when a nearby propane stove exploded in the house, causing the roof to collapse on him and his 3 year old granddaughter.Osteen then rescued his granddaughter and proceeded to carry her over a quarter of a mile away from the house, through a creek, attempting to get help and get far away from the fire as possible. Osteen suffered broken ribs, a collapsed lung and over 70% of his body was burned. Paetyn, his granddaughter, only suffered 30% burns and is already on the mend, family said. In part due to her grandfather's reactive thinking.Stories like this straight up suck to read about. Two people lost their lives. But they did so being heroes and that, in and of itself, restores our faith in humanity. There are good people out there who step up in desperate times.

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