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Navy Fitness Expert with 357K Subs

Active Military
Active Military
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Community Support
May 14, 2020
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Austen Alexander has made a name for himself by inspiring others to meet their fitness goals. He has done workout videos with celebrities and athletic champions alike. We were fortunate enough to spend some time getting to know the Sailor with tens of millions of views on YouTube. After 7 years in the US Navy, he has been all over the world. As a Master at Arms, he is expected to be in great shape. However, his fitness journey started long before his service.Before joining, he used fitness as a way to help him focus. "It was a good break from life," Austen tells us. Once joining, he concentrated on collateral duties that helped him stay involved in the training of his unit. Eventually, Austen would be trusted to monitor physical readiness tests.

Seeking responsibility

He went on to say, "I feel like it made me a better leader. My higher ups had more trust in me, because they knew I had self discipline." However, this also presented its own set of challenges. Austen recalls how in some instances competitive nature turned into jealous or contempt. Seeing someone else's success can make you reflect on your own. The resulting insecurities can then often flair into hostilities.Regardless, Austen always focused on his job and worked to better those under his charge. Additionally, the soon-to-be "Mr." Alexander fondly speaks of his time overseas. Austen regaled us with stories of lavish landscapes in Singapore and their beautiful botanical gardens. Beyond that, how a jovial Canadian dive instructor gave him new insights about working with foreign military, and their capacities as professionals.Looking back at the early days of his journey into social media, Austen remembers feeling pressure to live up to certain expectations. "Trying to be what others expect is exhausting," Austen tells us. As a result, he said he learned to make his own needs a priority, deciding to end his time in the Navy after this current contract.

We asked what made him decide to get out after 8 faithful years of service? Austen said, "People are going to tell you to stay in, and just do it for the benefits. They will try to dash your dreams, but if you want to get out, don't be afraid to. Find your passion."We wish Austen the best of luck moving forward after his time in service. To see Austen's YouTube channel, click here. Keep checking American Grit for stories like this and more!

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