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The Gallagher Case: Unveiling the Nonsense

Active Military
Active Military
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Community Support
July 5, 2019
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See, this is exactly what we said would happen with the Eddie Gallagher case. No matter what happened, people wouldn't take it as the truth. Found innocent, then he'd still have the aura of wrongdoing put on him. Found guilty, we'd probably be saying it was successfully executed witchhunt. That's what happens when the court gets turned into a three-ring circus. None of us making our judgments know what the f*** actually happened but, it's not going to stop people from formulating wildly ridiculous conclusions about how the case impacted the future of our military.The stupid shit we read stated that because Eddie was found not guilty, it will deter people from coming forward to report crimes.That's one hell of a leap. First off, the prosecution had the deck stacked in their favor and made a mockery of the military judicial system. It was supposedly an open and shut case, they supposedly had Gallagher dead to rights...yet the prosecutor with access to all of the witnesses and evidence still had to spy on the defense teams emails? There were witnesses against Gallagher that metaphorically or in the heat of the moment talked about burning the courtroom down...are we sure we're prosecuting the right guy?We'll full well admit that we're biased on Eddie's side. But the fact that there was so much dumb shit going on within the's like they were desperate to find something, grasping at straws in a last-ditch effort to save their reputation and bury Eddie. All the antics of the prosecution just strengthen our definitive confirmation bias. We won't even bullshit.But he was found not guilty. If anything, what this case teaches us and encourages is that war crimes are serious accusations and should not be handled lightly. It teaches us that you can't fry someone with the UCMJ just because you don't like them.This isn't about whistleblowers getting thrown under the bus, it's about petty men trying to bury someone purely because they didn't like him. These men weren't whistleblowers, they were disgruntled junior sailors and the shitshow that the prosecution put on is proof of that.

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