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Think Before You Join

Active Military
Active Military
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Community Support
October 2, 2019
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There are all sorts of new policy initiatives about integrating the forces, competing with the civilian market, ensuring equality across the board...honestly there are a lot of changes coming to the military and it's difficult to say so early on if any of them will be any good. We're in a transitional period regarding the military. Multi-domain fights are going to be a thing here in the future. Cyber, space, ground, air, sea, all of them are going to work in conjunction with one another. As cliched as the saying is, "One team, one fight", might actually be something we need to rely on given the likelihood of facing a near-peer/peer-level adversary.So, what are we about to say? Hehe. Oh, this might be a fucking doozy for some, and common sense for others. Think before you fucking join.The military, in every single way shape and form, has one goal. Win wars. Defensive, offensive, world wars, minor conflicts, we want to win. How do you win, by causing so much death and destruction that the other side decides,

"Yo, fam, shit aint worth all this."

It's been said that winning isn't all that matters. True, if you're on a sportsball field and nobody dies due to your lack of performance. the military things are a little bit different.You and your job are going to become increasingly important, and it's going to be increasingly important that you ARE FUCKING THERE TO DO YOURGODDAMNMOTHERFUCKINGJOB. Going back to sportsball analogy, if you don't show up to practice, are you going to play well in the game? What if you're gone for one, two, three, or even gasp twelve months? Are you going to be up to date on the ever-changing technology and SOPs?So what are we saying all of this shit for? Why the fuck are we up in arms? Because we've lost sight somewhere regarding what our purpose is and if you're not on board to be a part of that lethal mission, then maybe, just maybe, the military isn't for you.We know what the recruiting slogans and campaigns say, but homie, if you're not in it to win it, fuck off somewhere else. There is no place in the next generation of fights for someone to merely ride the pine and put their interests ahead of winning that fight. Sorry if you thought the military would be your meal ticket and you could coast, but dudes and dudettes, if there is boat space for you, then as motarded as this sounds, you are necessary.Look, all bravado aside, being in the military requires sacrifice. Who knows what it is that you'll be sacrificing, but you will be sacrificing your wants and needs. You'll be putting the needs of the force above your own and if you're not ok with that, then just don't join. It's fine. Nobody thinks less or more of you. But part of this job means putting your wants and desires second to the needs of the force.

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