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We're Over-Complicating Shit

Active Military
Active Military
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Community Support
April 25, 2019
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We're over complicating shit. Running around saying "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" At least that's what it seems like at times. Russia, Venezuela, China, North Korea...shit even here on our homefront things seem (keyword being SEEM) a little grave. To be perfectly frank (not Frank, that'd be weird) we may very well be sitting on the precipice of World War 3. We also...may come out of this without a shot being fired. We don't have some magic crystal ball that tells us that China is going to back off or that Putin is gambling on WW3...we just don't friggin know. However, we do know that everyone is freaking out about the surging Chinese military and the possibility of a resurgence by the Russian military.We'll say it like it was told to us when we first got in country and were worried about some religious fanatic adding an extra unwanted hole in our body, it's Occams Razor simplified for us dumber infantry folks (wink wink nudge nudge)."If I were the enemy, how would I attack me right now?"Then K.I.S.S the problem.Well, we certainly would not go strength on strength. Unless we wanted to die. Some insurgent degen from upcountry rolls up in an unarmored Toyota Hilux with some AKs or a DShK versus an up-armored Humvee with as little as a 240G and we bet that Hilux dies first. We might take a few casualties, but they got no armor, so they're screwed. So why would they do that? They wouldn't, especially when it'd be much easier to get away after taking a pop shot with an RPG at the turret hole from a rooftop. So what did our intrepid asses do? We scanned the roads for IEDs and the rooftops for assholes.When it comes to the seemingly impending doom of WW3 we as a nation, as a military, as decision makers (hopefully they read our shit, that'd be cool) need to think like the PFC who doesn't want unnecessary holes put in him by high-speed projectiles."If we were China and Russia, how would we kill the United States right now?"Answer that question, then defend against that.Hint...we have a lot of really big ships that are really big targets...maybe start there, maybe don't but their missile game has been significantly upped due to our big ass ships.Keep it simple, stupid. The more complicated a plan is, the more doomed it is to fail. No shit, right? You'd think we wouldn't have to say this...but alas.Also, we could be totally full of shit too.

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