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Community Support
Community Support
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Active Military
November 21, 2017
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Every great endeavor starts out with a mission. Why do we exist? What are we trying to accomplish? What does our motto mean to us? To you? "Educate. Inspire. Inform." What does the American dream have to do with any of these?All of these are fantastic questions to ask. Many of you might be even saying "Who the hell are you and why should we listen to you?" These questions deserve answers if we are to be taken seriously and shared.We exist to give voice to the good in the world. Bad news sells and the conglomerates of FOX, CNN and MSNBC have made a living by telling you the sky is falling. We are trying to present to you ideas and thoughts that challenge you to think beyond the surface. We are also, at times, trying to make you laugh. The world does not need any more negative press, it's doing just fine on its own ruining lives and causing devastation.How do we look to educate and inform? We look to tell you what is really happening and why it matters even if you don't think it does. Why? Because it's important to know. You don't have to have an opinion, but sometimes it's good to know things for the sake of being prepared. We doubt there has ever been a wise man who said: "Oh if only I had less knowledge." All knowledge is good to have and know. Harken back to the days of GI Joe "Now you know and knowing is half the battle."We look to inspire by telling you about wonderful individuals who are doing great things. We know that great potential lies within all people. Hopefully, through our coverage of ordinary men and women who do great things, a fire is set off inside of you.How does the American Dream tie into those three things? The educated, informed, and the inspired populace has the ability accomplish whatever they set their minds to. They identify with their liberty and their ability to create good within the world, we seek to do what we can to place as many tools in the toolboxes of our readers as possible to accomplish the good that this world will always need in it.Lastly, why should you listen to us? We've no appeal to authority here. The people here that write love this land and love what we've been blessed with. We're keen on our mistakes, and we know of our successes as individuals and as a country. We diligently strive to be intellectually consistent. We present to you American Grit.

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