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Band of Brothers

Active Military
Active Military
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February 6, 2018
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NEW FEATURE: LISTEN TO ARTICLES ^It gets us every single time. We feel this strange attachment to the men of Easy Company. The times are certainly different and warfare has changed quite a bit. It is rare to be able to readily identify your foe. Technology has taken some of the grit out of the fighting as well, increasing the range at which the enemy is engaged. One thing hasn't changed though, or rather it shouldn't have changed, is the bond. If it did, we should right the course.It hasn't changed for us, and we believe deep down that it hasn't changed for you either. The Brotherhood. There is nothing quite like it. Shakespeare somehow understood; his King Henry V proclaimed

"But we in it shall be rememberèd—We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;For he to-day that sheds his blood with meShall be my brother..."

Band of Brothers

Watching Band of Brothers, for what seems to have been the 18th or 19th time, we still feel quite strongly about what was represented there, in Easy Company amidst the greatest war ever fought. Men who didn't know each other, who had no reason to care for one another, but through hardship forged a bond stronger than steel and tempered by the compassion they ultimately had for one another.Band of Brothers still matters because after almost two decades of war we have an opportunity to build upon the lessons the Greatest Generation taught us. These men stormed the beaches of Normandy, jumped out of planes to fight the enemy for the first time in history...these men risked the unknown and came out victorious. Band of Brothers still matters because it shows the world what American determination and valor really is. With two generations of warfighters returning home, Band of Brothers matters because it shows us how we should care for our brethren and ensure their success as well as ours. Band of Brothers matters because it shows us that when one of us wins, we all win. This We'll Defend.

Band Of Brother


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