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The Bettinardi Experience: Master Craftsmanship

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
April 11, 2017
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The Bettinardi company specializes in making some of the finest putters in the golf industry. Headquartered in Tinley Park on the outskirts of southern Chicago, Bettinardi custom mills their putters from a single block of all American steel to produce a precision crafted piece designed to do one thing… get the ball into the cup. Not only does Bettinardi make fine putters, they offer a first class fitting experience to assist their customers in creating the perfect putter.

Why get a fitted for a putter?

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Brad Hommez (right) discusses the different putter models and each of their benefits (John Teller)[/caption]Whether you are a single digit handicapper or just like to get out and knock the ball around, many a golfer has experienced the benefits of getting fitted for irons. Considering that close to half the shots hit during a round of golf are used with the putter, it makes a great deal of sense to have the best possible equipment in your hand that is custom fit for your height, swing style, and looks great at setup. Bettinardi does this and more to create the ideal putter for the everyday golfer to the PGA Tour professional. Recently, Grunt Style visited the Bettinardi company to get a custom putter fitting for Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Birt, US Army veteran and a mid-level handicap golfer.

The Bettinardi Treatment

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Mike's putting swing is measured by high tech cameras, and calculations are made on how to adjust the putter. (John Teller)[/caption]The experience begins with a welcome and introduction to the Bettinardi facility which offers a nice display of golf memorabilia, equipment, and imagery. The second level features a putter fitting room which would be every golfer's dream. There is a putting green with below surface cups, display cases featuring many of the wonderful Bettinardi products, a wall shelf full of their complete line of putters to choose from, and of course what den would not be complete without a beer tap and bar to enjoy a tasty beverage (you don’t hear us complaining).After a thorough round of product testing to find the style of putter that best suits the eye (Bettinardi has several models to choose from), we move into the next room which features high-tech cameras, a putting mat, and fitting station. This is definitely where the game of golf has been taken to new levels with all the equipment and resources needed to dial in your putting game. Bettinardi will fit your putter for loft, lie, length, weight, and even grip to match your putting stroke to achieve optimum success. We witnessed Mike proceed to sink 27 putts in a row from 6 feet out on the putting mat with his new Studio Stock #28. (insert picture)

How its Made

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Brad adjusts the putter to the player's exact swing, giving them the best overall experience. (John Teller)[/caption]If there is any question about the precision milling process Bettinardi uses, customers are able to view the production floor of milling machinery from the windows of the fitting room. The company originally started in the Defense industry by owner and founder Robert Bettinardi. Robert began milling putters in 1992 and invented the “One Piece Technology” where the putter is milled from a single block of steel. Up until that point, putters were put together in welded pieces which often warped the integrity of the face. Today, the company is run by Robert and his son Sam; they produce putters for notable Tour players such as Matt Kuchar, Keegan Bradley, Lexi Thompson, Jim Herman, Fred Couples, Brian Gay, and Edoardo Molinari, among others. From the Tour player to everyday golfers alike, Bettinardi has products available for golfers of all skill levels. Everything Bettinardi creates is made just outside the Chicago area and is 100% American made. Bettinardi is very proud to hire American workers and especially those who have served in our nation’s military. Bettinardi offers special pricing for military veterans and is always looking for talented people to work for them. If you are interested, inquire on their website.With multiple Tour victories and a patented process which has revolutionized the golf industry, Bettinardi is a proven winner.

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