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Grunt WOD 01-Oct-2015: Fall Once, Get Up Twice

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
October 1, 2015
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Fall Once, Get Up TwiceA common topic of our daily WOD's is the necessity to never give up. We don't just like to ramble on about it. It's the truth, and is brought up because quitting is exactly what people tend to do when something is tough. What most people do not realize is that nothing worth doing is ever easy. Things take time, work, patience, and perseverance. Of course PT is no different. Get out there, rock today's Challenge Day, and feel damn good about it.Perform 300 Reverse Lunge Knee-Ups (150 per leg): Begin by standing on one foot. Then, step the opposite foot backwards into a reverse lunge, and blast through the front foot and bring your opposite knee towards your chest. Repeat this, alternating legs for each rep.

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