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Bronze Star License Plates for Veterans

Active Military
Active Military
Community Support
Community Support
December 20, 2018
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In regards to the whole Bronze Star license plate thing...I really don't give a shit. If you got it and you want it on your license plate, then go ahead. If you didn't get one, does it really upset you that much? It shouldn't as long as you did your time honorably and did your job. I won't say did your job to the best of your ability because I don't give a shit if you tried really hard if you failed to meet the goal because the military isn't McDonald's where failure for a month is cool. Lives mattered, so we'll say did your job and leave it at that.The subject has been the source of a lot of controversy on one of our older articles and some heated debates. I can tell you firsthand, when I meet another veteran unless he's a big ding dong swinging Medal of Honor recipient, I'm not overly concerned with what awards he does or doesn't have. There may be jokes about POGs versus Grunts but they are just that, jokes, once you get your DD214, nobody is having the stack measuring contest we once did while we're in. If you are, it's kind of sad and pathetic, to be honest.I'll always be proud of my time in, but I'll also remember that it was over ten years ago and I've done some other pretty cool things in my life, as I'm sure many of the veterans reading this have. You're not the sum of your military experience. It was an important part of your growth and development as an adult, but it's not ALL that you are.So when it comes to license plates, whether it be Silver Star, Bronze Star, Navy Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross...whatever, if it makes you happy, do it. If you don't care, then don't. It's not like the dudes rolling around with the plates didn't earn theirs in some form or fashion. Maybe it's time to stop hating on each other for trivial shit that doesn't matter anymore.I didn't write that first piece, someone long before me did, and as controversial as it was and I don't have a neat Bronze Star either, but what I do have is the pride in knowing that I did my job and watched my sectors.

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