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Cavaliers Won't Go Quietly: Monster Game 4

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
June 10, 2017
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Thousands surround Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH in anticipation of what many may call “the moment of reckoning” for the Cavaliers. Their energy bleeds into the arena from the streets, motivating and inspiring a Cavs team who is on the ropes.The fans of the “216” still believe in magic, looking for yet another comeback for the ages.From Tip Off the fans of the “216” would not be disappointed.

Coming Out Swinging

The Cavs came out swinging knowing they were on the verge of being on the wrong side of history, as the Warriors chase a perfect 16-0 record in the playoffs. A feat that has never been conquered.Behind the likes of JR Smith, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving the Cavs leaped to a 5-14 lead in the first 2 minutes and 38 seconds with a barrage of 3-pointers. Smith fired the opening salvo with a corner three and the onslaught from the Cavs didn’t stop there.With punishing defense causing multiple turnovers, the Cavs rolled the Warriors like they (Cavs) were bullies in the school yard.The Warriors struggled to get the ball in the cylinder from any distance. Or better yet...their hands on the ball. The Cavaliers, not known for their defense smothered the Warriors offensive attack.There were moments when it appeared the Warriors may right the ship. A long range bomb from Klay Thompson or Kevin Durant would find the bottom of the bucket, an offensive rebound and a put back from Draymond Green. But the Cavs tide, with all its power, continued to wash over them. Stifling any attempt at building momentum.As the first quarter came to a close the Cavaliers handedly outscored the Warriors 33-49, the most points scored in the first quarter by any team in the finals.

Richard Jefferon is jokes 😂probably the only decent human being on his team #NBAFinal #brightspot #DubNationBelieves

— Mr. 30,000 (@_ceron24) June 17, 2016

The Best Defense is a Great Offense

As the Second quarter begins, the Cavs as if a loaded runaway train, continued unabated on the tracks. With Kyrie Irving at the helm scoring at will with his dazzling ball handling skills and magic shots off the glass the Cavs continued to add to the lead.James was also on board this scoring train. Finishing strong to the iron and collecting fouls and trips to the line seemingly at will. There seemed to be no answer for his superhuman strength in the paint. Not even the likes of Kevin Durant could slow him down.This is LeBron's house, and the Warriors are unwelcomed guests.On the backs of Kyrie Irving (28 points, 4-6 on 3 pointers), LeBron James (22 points 2-4 3 pointers), and Kevin Love (17 points, 4-5 3 pointers) the Cavs managed to score a record 86 points in the first half, continuing their trend from the first quarter.

#Warriors having flashbacks... #NBAFinal

— Erin Limbo (@Extraordin_Erin) June 10, 2017

In fact, with the scores of both teams combined it’s the most points ever scored (in a half) by two teams in a Finals game at 154 points.For the Warriors there was a glimmer of hope, they could still achieve the perfect playoff and finals run. They are known for scratching and clawing their way back from deficits such as this.Durants performance through the first half was above average with 22 points. In most cases this is a spectacular performance, but Durant was the only Warrior scoring. Steph Curry was limited to only 8 points and Klay Thompson was squeezed to only 6 in the first half.If you are going to sweep a team of the Cavaliers caliber, this is a key factor that needed to change in the second half if you wanted to continue chasing history.At the half the Warriors were down 18 points with 24 minutes left to play.(Warriors 68 - Cavaliers 86)Time to buckle down gentlemen.

Thank you may I have seconds

As tempers flared and egos swelled, the Third quarter started with a parade of physical play that would rival a Rugby match. The elbows had been sharpened and mouthpieces inserted, the battle had truly begun.The warriors down 18 and seeing the “perfect” fading, go possession for possession with the Cavs, but were unable to gain any ground. The cavs going tit-for-tat with anything the Warriors put on the board.The physical play had now devolved into an outright wrestling match. Technical fouls were almost more commonplace than traditional fouls. At one point in the third there was a discrepancy with the official scorer adding a Technical Foul to Draymond Green (from the first half) that should have been awarded to Coach Steve Kerr of the Warriors. This came to light after Green had been charged with what would have been his second Technical. And as a result he would have been ejected from the game.

#NBAFinal got me like

— Dashius (@thewavygod) June 8, 2017

Fortunately for the Warriors, this was corrected and he was able to stay in the game and have a slice of humble pie with his team mates.As the third drew to a close the Cavs lead was now at 19 points (96-115)As the clock ticked down to zero in the fourth, the Warriors were at the mercy of the Cavs.With the three headed monster of Irving (40 points, 4 asst, 7 3PM), James (31 points, 11 asst, 10 reb), and Love (23 points, 5 asst, 6 3PM) combining for 94 points there was little that the Warriors could do.James with his 9th career NBA Finals triple-double sets a new record, out dueling the Legend Irving “Magic” Johnson with 8 triple-doubles respectively.

Nine triple-doubles – the most in #NBAFinals history. 👑 #StriveForGreatness

— Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) June 10, 2017

When the final tick on the clock expired the Cavaliers had dismembered the Warriors to the tune of 116-137. An absolutely crushing lost...for most.But then again, it’s the Warriors...and they are headed home.All's not lost for the Warriors though. Backed by Kevin Durant (35 points, 4 asst) they have been presented the opportunity to take the series back to the Bay where they can possibly clinch the Finals Championship on their home court (Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA) with the “DUBNATION” on Monday, June 12.

Me to my bandwagon friends 😏😏. 3-1, again #NBAFinal #DefendTheLand

— Ellie Estrada (@NoelliRae2) June 10, 2017

Other notablesSteph Curry GSW (14 pts, 2 3PM, 10 ast)Klay Thompson GSW (13 pts, 4 3PM,)Draymond Green GSW (16 pts, 14 REB, 3 ast)JR Smith CLE (15 pts, 5 3PM)

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