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Finding Your Platoon Sergeant

Community Support
Community Support
Active Military
Active Military
July 12, 2017
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Do you remember your first Platoon Sergeant? Or maybe your drill instructor? Do you remember how integral your platoon sergeant was to your life as a soldier or service member?They told us where to be, when to be there and what uniform we needed to be in. They trained us, inspected us, and made sure we were ready for the next mission. I was very lucky to have incredible sergeants in my life. From platoon sergeants to brigade command sergeant majors, they were always there leading and guiding me to be a better soldier and leader.Why do I bring this up? I believe there is a feeling within the veteran community that because you are no longer in the military you are alone in the cold, cruel world. I'm not sure where the feelings started, but I fell into the trap too. In my first year as a veteran, I've learned that you have to have a platoon sergeant in your life to be a success in the next phase in your career and life. You have to have a coach, mentor, and friend that has gone before you in any endeavor you want to pursue to help make sure you are squared away and have success at whatever it is you want to accomplish.With that said, life isn’t going to hand you a platoon sergeant like they did in the service. You have to go out and find one. At least one. You may need to find multiple in the many different areas of your life. The best part of this is it is easy to find successful veterans that have been down the path your are about to take. You just have to ask. It is really that easy. I haven’t met one veteran that isn’t willing to help us on our journey. You just have to ask. You went from one large organization in the military to an even larger organization as a veteran. There is no reason to try to do it alone.Your task is to find a platoon sergeant in order to help you along the path you have chosen in this new phase of your life.Whatever path you have chosen to follow I can almost guarantee that there is a veteran or other veteran advocate out there that has already been down the path and paid the "stupid tax" for you. Make it easier on yourself and learn the lessons they have learned so you won’t make the same mistakes.Here are a few ways to find a platoon sergeant:

  1. Talk to the veteran service officer in your state or county. They are in every state so go to your state website and look for the veteran department.
  2. Join a veteran service organization and get involved. In regards to your veteran benefits, the best way to stay informed is to get involved with the VFW, the American Legion, IAVA and many other great veteran service organizations.
  3. Get on veteran social media sites like American Dream U. They are giving you the answers to your test already. There are so many great sites out there and all of them are filled with tips and techniques to have success as a veteran.
  4. Reach out to friends that have already transitioned out and talk with them.
  5. Unlike the military the best thing is if your platoon sergeant isn’t working out, you can go find a new one. One that will hold you accountable and help guide you along your path to success.

You have the confidence to ask for help. You have a network of platoon sergeants to support you along your journey. And finally you are moving forward to attaining whatever you want in this next phase of your life.Your task and purpose for next week if you don’t already have one is now set. Get up and get after it.

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