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Harder to Kill: December 16, 2016

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
December 13, 2016
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American Grit Fitness is designed to make you harder to kill.

We combine old-school weightlifting with new-school strength and conditioning principles in order to maximize your time spent inside (or outside) the gym. You'll squat, run, jump and throw weight around to ultimately become a faster, fitter you.If it's your first day here, jump in and hit the workout, or start from Day 1 of this cycle. Either way, you'll see strength, speed and stamina gains.Note: Thursday and Sunday are rest days. There will not be a workout posted on those days.

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

  • Warmup:
  • On an area whose distance you can cross (around 50 feet or so), perform the following:
  • Bear crawls, down and back
  • Crab walk, down and back
  • High knees, down and back
  • Side shuffle, down and back
  • Conditioning:
  • Today's conditioning requires a track, field, open space or area where you can go "down and back;" this could be a basketball court, a soccer field, an open space in a gym, etc.
  • You will need something heavy, preferably at least 50 pounds (if not more) that you can pick up, drop and press.
  • This workout has a 25 minute time limit in which you will need to complete as many rounds as possible of the movement cycle as follows:
  • Start at one end of the down-and-back area. Perform 10 push presses, then take the weight and lunge with it down to the other side. Perform 10 more push presses, then lunge back.
  • Run down and back.
  • Pick up the weight. Perform 10 power cleans with it (or ground-to-shoulder). Reverse lunge down, perform 10 more cleans, then reverse lunge back.
  • Run down and back.
  • Finally, put the weight down, perform 20 pushups, then run to the other side, perform 20 more pushups, and run back.
  • Run down and back.
  • Repeat this cycle (push presses, lunges, push presses, lunges, run, power clean, lunges, power clean, lunges, pushups, run, pushups, run) for the full 25 minutes.
  • This workout can be done with a kettlebell (or two). Pick your own loading. If you want to go faster, pick a lighter weight; if you want to emphasize the strength portion, pick a heavier weight.
  • Cooldown: Spend two minutes in pigeon, two minutes in splits (or attempt them) and two minutes stretching the quads.


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