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Hazing versus Training

Active Military
Active Military
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Community Support
August 15, 2018
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Honestly, we don't think we're going to say anything super controversial or anything like that here. Hazing and training are two completely different things. This piece, we believe will merely serve to educate those who don't know the difference or the reasons behind why certain things are done the way they are (cough tradition cough). Words get thrown around so loosely these days, hell even back in our day it got thrown around way too loosely.There is a major difference between hazing and training, despite the methods being possibly similar, there are some nuances that separate the two from each other. Before people get on there "It's a slippery slope," argument...first off, that's a fallacy and secondly wait for our explanation you judgemental Janice or pessimistic Patrick!Hazing serves literally no purpose. It teaches nothing. It does nothing. In and of itself is an abuse of power and stupid. Congratulations, you just treated a guy or gal who is gonna have a loaded weapon that you're trusting to keep you safe like hot garbage for no reason other than you show off how big your metaphorical dick is. Congratulations, you're an asshat. You've done nothing but prove you've got a vain sense of self-importance that will most likely get people around you hurt or killed. Hazing, in its actual definition, is stupid.We throw the word around as a joke, we know...we know. It's funny to say when we f*** up that we're gonna get hazed for it. Hilarious. We're not even going to pretend it doesn't get a chuckle when we screw up and say "Don't worry I'll haze myself." It's not the highest grade of comedy, but it always seems to crack a smile from most who get the joke. But it's just that a joke because we're learning. Therein lies the difference.Training serves a purpose. All the time. So if you get punched in the face, but you learned a lesson and the intent was to teach you a lesson that will keep you and others safe, it's training. It may not be the kind you want. But it's the kind you get. Training serves everyone. If you do something that will get you or your team wounded or killed and you get pain for it...good. In combat, if you get someone else wounded or killed, or even yourself, best believe it will hurt and that shit will stay with you.


Pain retains. Because we lived in a world where extreme physical pain, dismemberment or death was a real possibility. We'll take a leg sweep when we fail to get down on the grenade range, or a punch in the mouth for a negligent discharge over catching shrapnel to the face or accidentally shooting one of our own. Training, no matter how brutal or harsh always, always, always teaches a lesson. Just because it hurts doesn't mean it's hazing.Know the difference, stop coddling those who cry hazing at every minor inconvenience they experience in the military. These men and women live in the world of "kill or be killed," they don't need their training to be kinder and gentler. Grab your straw whiny Wynonna, suck it up, and embrace the suck. It may save your life.

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