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Kettlebell Slingshots for a Tight Six-Pack

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
September 15, 2017
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Condense your waistline and pack on rib cage padding with kettlebell around the body passes. This exercise is a simple yet powerful way to rigidify your midsection. The movement forces you to alternate your muscle tension from tight to loose as you rotate the kettlebell around your torso – contract, release, contract, release. You can use it as a great dynamic warm up for your core, as part of your regular abs routine, or as a fat burning exercise between sets of heavy compound lifting.

Are you an athlete? This exercise is phenomenal for all types of athletes. Maybe you play on a recreational baseball league. Or maybe you have a son or daughter that’s involved in sports. Even if recreational kickboxing is part of your training, this can be an effective tool in your toolbox. This is a functional movement that can help prepare your core for twisting movements like swinging a bat or taking a blow to the body like you might in football. Kickboxing requires tons of rotation for punches and kicks. If you ever actually get into competitions, your body will have to take the impacts from punches and kicks. Add slabs of muscle to protect your ribs with slingshots.Around the body passes are also easy to incorporate into your exercise routine in between sets on upper body days to keep your heart rate kickin’ or as part of your abs routine.

How To Do Kettlebell Slingshots:

  1. Begin by standing in a hip-width stance.
  2. Grasp your selected kettlebell by the handle with both hands and let your arms hang down in front of your body.
  3. Release one of your hands from the kettlebell.
  4. Begin moving the kettlebell around your back and pass it from one hand to the other. Continue moving the kettlebell in front of you in a fluid movement to make a complete rotation.
  5. Complete all the repetitions moving clockwise. Then switch directions and complete the next set of repetitions counterclockwise.

Trainer Tip:

During this exercise you don’t want your hips to gyrate, no hula hooping here. To keep your hips from rotating, brace your core.

Sample Exercises:

  • Tall kneeling kettlebell halos 3 sets of 10 each direction
  • Kettlebell Around The Body Pass 3 sets of 10 each direction
  • Kettlebell Russian Twists 4 rounds of 30 seconds each
  • Kettlebell Turkish Getups 3 sets of 10
  • Windmills 3 sets of 10

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