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New Training Technique

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
January 8, 2018
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What in the world is an EMOM? People familiar with Crossfit or other high-intensity training methods know exactly what an EMOM is. The abbreviation stands for Every Minute On the Minute and it's a great way to change up your training and break through plateaus.How does it work? We'll keep it super simple and you're still guaranteed to be fried by the end of your workout. The EMOM workout demands that you do your sets within one minute and the faster you do them, the more rest you get. For instance, let's say you have five sets of ten squats to perform. In an EMOM workout, someone would start the timer and you'd pump out ten reps. Whether those repetitions took you ten seconds to complete or thirty seconds to complete, you'd have to do another set of ten when the timer hits that second minute. If it takes you ten seconds to complete your reps, then you get fifty seconds of rest, however, if it takes you thirty seconds to complete your reps, you only get thirty seconds of rest.


What is so great about the EMOM training method and how will it help break through plateaus? We're glad you asked. It comes down to two big factors. There is a lot of science stuff that we could delve into but we'll keep it basic. Number one is the pace at which you complete your workout. The EMOM technique pushes your pace, making you execute before you think you're ready. This will challenge not only your muscles, but also your lungs and heart, giving you not just a resistance workout, but also a cardio workout. The second thing it will do is teach you to fire your muscles on demand, increasing your force output.


This new technique will be sure to challenge you both mentally and physically. Try it out with a weight that maybe won't kill you on your second or third sets.

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