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Reverse Lunge for a Flatter Belly

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
October 26, 2017
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Buns of steel look fabulous on both sexes. That is why we at American Grit propose that you try a progression of your typical reverse lunge called a clean grip reverse lunge.The only change that you have to make to the traditional reverse lunge is gripping the barbell with the same grip you use for a front squat. This change in grip has a profound impact on how hard your backside must work for this exercise. So, if you’re ready to tighten, strengthen, and challenge your glutes and hams, give this variation a try.Remember: If your workout isn’t challenging you, it isn’t changing you!

How To Do The Reverse Lunge:

  1. The first step is learning the clean grip.
  2. Place a barbell in a rack slightly below shoulder height.
  3. Get under the bar and let it rest on your delts. It should be pushing into your clavicle very close to your throat.
  4. Your hands will be touching the bar with only two fingers, most commonly your index and middle finger, to help keep the bar in position. Your elbows should be pointed up, forcing your arm upper arms to be parallel to the floor.
  5. Un-rack the weight.
  6. Step away from the rack and assume a shoulder-width stance with your toes slightly pointed outward.
  7. Step backwards with one foot while simultaneously dropping your knee and hips toward the ground. Descend until your knee is at a 90 degree angle. Pause.
  8. In a controlled manner, return to standing position allowing your hips to fully extend.
  9. Complete your first complete set on one leg and then switch legs.

Trainer Tips:

As if the change in grip wasn’t hard enough, you can further challenge yourself by using a step. The foot that stays stationary remains on the step. By elevating your stabilizing foot, you further intensify the move. I bet you can feel your glutes and hams burning just thinking about it.

Sample Exercise Plan:

Warm up: 5 minute jog on the treadmillThe Workout:

  • Clean grip reverse lunges 3 sets of 10 on each leg
  • Barbell squats 3 sets of 10-12
  • Hamstring curls machine 4 sets of 8, 10, 10, 12
  • Calf raise machine 4 sets of 10, 12, 12,10
  • Leg press & Calf press (superset) 3 sets of 10
  • Good mornings 3 sets of 10-12

Cool Down:

  • 5 minute incline walk on treadmill
  • Hamstring stretches
  • Quadriceps stretches
  • Glute stretches
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