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Try TRX Pikes for an End-of-Summer Six-Pack

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
August 25, 2017
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It’s a fact of life that achieving lower ab development is a real chore. As a matter of fact, it’s damn difficult to get them. Not only does diet and genetics come into play with abdominals, but so does a proper workout to reach the “holy grail” – the entire six pack. That's why we're telling you to do the TRX Prone Pike. You'll hate it at first and you'll wish us dead for the advice, but after you master this move, you're going to wish you'd been doing it for years!First things first: Why are lower abs so difficult develop and actually see?

  1. Our bodies tend to store excess fat right in the lower abdominal region
  2. Lack of consistent training for the lower abdominals
  3. Piss poor diet
  4. Lack of effective cardio

Basically, consistency is key in many areas when it comes to abs. You need to train them often. Luckily, abs are the one body part that it’s okay to tax every day if you choose. However, it’s not necessary. Make sure you at least work your lower abs three times per week. In addition to consistent training, you also have to follow a very clean diet and get plenty of cardio (preferably some type of HIIT). Reduce your body fat!Ready to effectively work those stubborn lower abs and make them pop out? Get on a TRX machine for some prone pikes. TRX straps are awesome devices because they require tons of stabilization from your core. Think about it. You’re suspended on two skinny, vinyl straps; therefore, your body’s core muscles must work harder to stabilize the entire body in an unstable environment. Secondly, you only have two points of contact with the floor, your hands. This also creates a less stable environment. You must utilize your core to keep the whole back half of your body from swaying since it’s suspended in the air.Lastly, you will again force your body to recruit additional core muscles to hinge at the hips and push against gravity to form what looks like a mountain peak with your body. To Do The Exercise:

  • Secure a set of TRX straps and adjust them low enough to properly perform a push-up or plank.
  • Sit on the ground below them.
  • Place your right foot in the left strap and your left foot in the right strap.
  • Flip your body over into a plank position. Your arms should be straight and your elbows locked.
  • Contract your abs. You don’t get to use your belly as ground support.
  • Tuck your pelvis by hinging at the hips.
  • Keeping your knees straight, pull your hips up toward the sky as high as you can. Your head should drop between your arms as your rear end lifts up.

Trainer Tip:

  • Don’t allow your hips to drop below your shoulder level.
  • Don’t allow your back to round. Keep it straight throughout the movement.
  • To maintain body stability, squeeze your abs and glutes.

--Sarah Chadwell, CPT

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