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Alex Will: Conquering the Ghost Pepper

November 29, 2017
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At one time, the Ghost Pepper was the hottest pepper on planet earth at over 400 times hotter than Tobasco Sauce (which every Marine loves). This week Alex is lucky, misery loves company. With another veteran in the mix, Alex won't be alone in his suffering.

Ghost Pepper

Adam a U.S. Army veteran and Alex (United States Marine Corps) go head to head, sharing the Ghost Pepper. There are a plethora of painful things that can be endured in the world. Paintball's hitting your flesh, being tased...the pain from those things may linger, but not for very long. The Ghost Pepper has a lingering fire from the seventh circle of hell kind of feel to it. Adam after biting into his half of the pepper is not having a good time. Meanwhile, Alex, while visibly burning is maintaining his composure and some semblance of military bearing. Each inhalation brings fresh, new heat for our two challengers.

Ghost Pepper

The intrepid pair is asked a few questions to gauge how they're doing. What's your name? When is your birthday? Where do you work? Only Alex is able to give coherent answers as Adam's misery is blatantly apparent. The heat is not dissipating and as time goes on, it seems as if the heat only grows. The intensity of the heat is only surpassed by the length of its potent fiery sting. The only respite the two have is spitting what little they can to rinse the spice out of their mouths. With the challenge coming to a close, we must name a winner. Despite the obvious pain both men are in, Alex is certainly fairing much better than Adam. Winner, the United States Marine Corps.

Ghost Pepper

You guys keep throwing down gauntlets for Alex and he keeps responding. If anything, what we're seeing is that a Marine can take on any challenge, no matter how horrible it may seem to us.

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