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Grunt Style Funny Shorts: The YouTube Argument Finale

December 27, 2017
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Are you ready kids? The YouTube argument finale is here...(we think). After seeing our first two episodes like this, you probably went on over to YouTube to check it out and see if we were accurate. Well that is, if you didn't already know that we were, are and continue to be extremely accurate in our portrayal of YouTube arguments.

YouTube Argument Finale

Ahh back to the dumpster fire we've come to know and love. The YouTube comment section on a video of what happens when you fall asleep in the military. This time we've got one of those guys, you know, the one who tells an outrageous story that's just barely believable. In all honesty, he could be telling the truth, seeing a sleeping person get slapped with a fish wouldn't be the weirdest thing we've seen in the military. This one time in Iraq, wait we digress, sorry. Then you've got the girl who cares a little too much about the fish. Did she think she was on a PETA (we all know what PETA stands for right? People Eating Tasty Animals) chat forum? What gives?

YouTube Argument Finale

That Fish girl was off, we're kinda weirded out. Next, you have the guy that calls bullshit on everything which to be fair, again, someone getting slapped with a fish isn't very likely. Don't get us wrong, we're sure its happened sometime, somewhere, but there's also the possibility that it has never happened. Not even once. We welcome back as always our poor speller, this guy is our favorite, out of everyone, he's the most consistent with who he appears to be. For that, we congraatuelate you buddy(this misspelling is on purpose, just an FYI, we have spellcheck, unlike that guy).

YouTube Argument Finale

As always YouTube, you've made us feel better about ourselves and our comprehension of the world around us. Tune in next time, if we do this again., we're pretty sure this is the YouTube argument finale though.

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