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Hangover Cure: Finnish Scientists Publish Breakthrough

August 24, 2020
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Hangover Cure?!? You heard it right. Finnish scientists apparently wanted to party all night without the pain of a hangover then next day. So, they just invented a cure. Talk about with great power comes great responsibility right? They may have took this to mean it was their responsibility to conduct this baller study, and it worked! Get this, the study was funded by a Finnish cat food company, Catapult Cat.University of Helsinki researcher Markus Metsälä made some hilarious commentary after the findings were published. He talked about the measures put into place and the placebos they used to ensure accuracy. I'm no botanists, but the math seemed to add up. For safety reasons, they didn't push people to alcohol poising. "There were clearly intoxicated people, but no-one was falling down drunk," said Metsälä. This doesn't mean they took it easy though. Participants were split into 2 groups. One group got a real tablet, the other got the fake one. The subjects took them while they drank, heavily.

Party for science

The serving portions were based on an average 165lbs man consuming 9 servings of a "10% ABV combination of cranberry juice and Koskenkorva, a Finnish grain alcohol," in only 3 hours. That seems like quite the party.[caption id="attachment_22804" align="alignnone" width="293"]


The hero himself, Markus Metsälä[/caption]I'm sure a few of you think you could out drink the cure. Apparently, so did some of the participants. Metsälä says, "Some were not able to drink enough and the test results are therefore not comparable for them. Some subjects, on the other hand, did not have the patience to stop drinking when the study's official drink sessions came to an end, but instead continued to drink more at the hotel bar. They also had to be excluded from the study."Imagine being such a booze hound, you couldn't control yourself for the sake of such important science!?

Hangover cure study results

The group that had took the real L-cysteine tablet, were much better off the next day."The results of the study found that the 1,200 mg dose of amino acid L-cysteine helped to reduce alcohol-related nausea and headache, while the 600 mg tablet helped to ease stress and anxiety."Metsälä says these findings could be a major benefit to public health & economics. He cited chronic health issues caused by alcoholism, and improvements to workplace productivity. However, he went on to say this may mean some people will be tempted to drink even more. "This is a double-edged sword," Metsälä remarked.It is unclear how this will move forward, but it turns out Catapult Cat also makes L-cysteine vitamin tablets! Coincidence? I think not. They must have really believed in their vitamins to pay for the study. You can read the full Oxford academic journal entry by clicking here.So next time we all meet up at Bourbiz, maybe we should look into these bad boys? What do you think about this study? Sound off in the comments below.

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