Mk-47 Advance grenade launcher
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New Advanced Grenade Launcher Tech

Active Military
Active Military
October 17, 2017
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Do you know whats more fun than a heavy machine gun? A NEW heavy machine gun!!! As great as the Mk 19 is at dealing death and destruction, it's getting a little old. There’s nothing wrong with that, and we’re not judging. However, the newest player in the fully automatic grenade throwing game has some new tricks up its sleeve.Add in the fact that the M433 HEDP (High Explosive-Dual Purpose) rounds are pretty amazing by themselves and have been a mainstay favorite of ground pounders since Vietnam, but now it gets an all-new delivery vehicle. With a lighter weight and a laser range finder and night vision, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser or a crowd destroyer, depending on if you’re operating it or having it operate on you.

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Enter the Mk-47 Mod 0 AGL (Advanced Grenade Launcher). Cool theme music should play as this young entry throws rounds down range, raining fire and death upon America’s enemies! This bad mother trucker has slimmed down but keeps the power high. Weighing in just under 40 lbs, the moniker “Heavy” machine gun may go out the window. Except when we’re talking about its destructive capabilities, this gun shoots freedom at the cyclic rate!The laser range finder and night vision give the Mk-47 some updated lethality and extra precision, well as much precision as you can have with a machine gun. Night vision changed the game for the United States in so many ways, that we now own the night. It’s only natural that our machine guns get the same kind of love.We saved the best for last though. Like we said earlier, the M433 HEDP round is pretty awesome. It’s been kicking ass just like the Mk-19 for quite some time. Even though it will still be a mainstay, the new Mk-285 grenade will definitely make an appearance at the ball, and by ball we mean battlefield. It’s an airburst smart grenade. It’s the same round that is fired by the XM-25 Punisher. You don’t even have to hit your target, it blows up right above them! How does it know? The advanced gunsight programs the rounds before they leave the gun!While we love the Mk-19, the new Mk-47 is certainly earning some love with all its new capabilities. Time to go slay bodies 21st-century style!

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