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How Do We Education Funding?

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Community Support
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Active Military
June 7, 2017
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While deployed in Iraq, HowDoWe, Inc., Vice President, Brian Letzter went on a mission to deliver books to an elementary school. It wasn’t until years later when he saw a burnt out school building in Chicago that he truly found his passion with business partner and President of HowDoWe, Inc., Michael Anderson. Letzter found out that the building wasn’t sitting in ruins for just a few weeks or months, but for over two years. This triggered their idea for HowDoWe, Inc. and together they are focusing on helping public education beat the budget crisis happening across the country.“We grew up as childhood friends and both went to public schools,” said Letzter. “Maybe I was oblivious to it at the time, but I realized later in life that not every individual has the same learning environment. Giving people the opportunity to have a healthy learning environment is where the passion lies for me.”HowDoWe, Inc., is a crowdfunding platform that helps public education administrations raise funds for capital improvement projects. Currently, the team has two projects in the Chicago area. One is to improve the computer labs with new equipment while the other is simply reflooring an area of the school. While these two projects may seem small, they are key improvements that the schools need to improve the learning environment. Without the help that HowDoWe is providing they will likely fall victim to another year of budget shortfalls.In addition to managing the two current crowdfunding projects, the team at HowDoWe, Inc., is also running a crowdfunding campaign of their own on Indigogo to help increase their impact in the future. They are looking to raise $50,000 with $25,000 of it going to future public education projects. The other $25,000 will go to website improvements, user experience, and user interface improvements, as well as project marketing and awareness, to help ensure that the projects are as visible as possible to their local communities and to attract new administrations to use the platform.“These are real lives that we are talking about,” said Letzter. “These are kids growing up right now. Education opens doors for them, but when a financial burden of the school is closing doors, we want to step in and try to help.”Find out more about HowDoWe, Inc., on their Indigogo campaign page and donate today.

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