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How to Strike Back Against Bad Coffee

Community Support
Community Support
Active Military
Active Military
May 12, 2017
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If skinny-jeaned hipsters talking about their favorite meatless meatloaf recipe keeps you out of specialty coffee shops, but you love the taste of quality coffee, Counter Strike Coffee has your six.

Designed for the warfighter community, Counter Strike brings seven varieties of coffee to the table with packaging to be proud of. One variety of coffee is called “Liberal Tears” and is infused with maple bacon flavoring.When asked about the name “Doc,” Counter Strike Coffee’s CEO, laughed saying he wanted to be accessible to the military community, and his used his humor for the packaging.

“Coffee is the one thing that brings everyone together,” Doc recounted from his days in the service. He recalled the feeling of being deployed and receiving care packages with Starbucks inside. “I wanted to create an opportunity to provide coffee the patriotic audience.”And provide he does. The company is two years old and picking up lots of momentum. Last month Doc and Counter Strike Coffee was featured on Tomi Lahren’s program on The Blaze TV. The appearance caused orders to skyrocket. This explosion in sales is driving Counter Strike to increase production capacity, as many orders are requiring two or more weeks to fill. Most customers who hear about the wait have responded positively acknowledging great things are worth waiting for.


Despite the uptick in popularity Doc stands true his original model: every dollar Counter Strike Coffee makes either goes back into the business or out the door to a veteran cause.Counter Strike Coffee also enjoys partnering with other veteran owned businesses. Recently their coffee was featured in Alpha Outpost’s Frost Box. Alpha Outpost, is a veteran owned company aimed at providing monthly tools and training for survival with each box aimed at a different scenario. The Frost Box contained the essentials for surviving a cold weather situation and was designed by a U.S Army infantry vet, Alaska Resident, Cold Weather Leadership Course Graduate, and Outdoor Survivalist.Learn more about Doc and Counter Strike Coffee by visiting their website.

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