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Rex vs. Wrex: Christmas Decorating Battle

December 10, 2017
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Finally, it looks like our two feuding dinosaurs have finally reached some sort of truce. The holiday season brings out the peace in everyone. Our favorite hooligans do a little Christmas decorating around the office to bring that wonderful holiday cheer.

Christmas Decorating

First up is the front entrance. The Rex and Wrex start dropping tinsel and garland everywhere they go, brightening up the front entrance with some tactical Christmas decor. Well, they were doing well, but it seems that our two dinos have gotten a bit distracted. While the decorations look really nice, now it appears that both Rex and Wrex are decorated as well. How in the world does this even happen? Alex is not impressed, he told them specifically to decorate the entryway, not each other. Maybe a shift in focus will help them get the job done. The hapless duo is now to help spread cheer among their coworkers in the office.

Christmas Decorating

It goes well at first. As usual, though, it descends into anarchy and immature antics. We thought they'd never be able to get along with each other, and just when they do, they can't get along with anyone else. They create havoc wherever they go. Decorations go flying here and flying there. When these two are around, nobody is getting any sort of real work done. They are as distracting as they are old. Finally, Alex has enough of their fooling around. If they can't decorate and act like mature dinosaurs, they can go sweep outside.

Christmas Decorating

Or can they? Once outside they can't stop blaming each other for getting kicked outside. Couple that with them kicking leaves at each other. It's back to the age-old animosity between the two apex predators. What can they do if Christmas decorating is too hard for them to do in peace?

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