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All-Star Flop

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
February 19, 2018
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The NBA All-Star weekend is always enjoyable to watch with the slam dunk contest, skills challenge, and three-point shootout and then eventually the game. However last night, last night was odd. We love all that America stands for and love that everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves in their love of country and patriotism, but Fergie...the National Anthem is not a pop song. We're not going to get mad and shout you down or call you names, but we can most assuredly say that if you ever do a big, prime-time event like that again, please do the National Anthem some justice.


Fergie is a great singer, but stylizing that song...this is where Chris Carter would say "C'mon man". It wasn't that it was just bad, it was shut off the TV or switch channels and happily watch Figure Skating in the Olympics bad. Despite it being a vocal performance, seeing her really reach to sell that...can we even call it style, was nothing short of painful. It's a sight we'll never forget. Fergalicious will never have the same effect on us that it once did. Rather we'll just shudder and turn it off.There are just some things in this world that are sacred. While some have managed to stylize the National Anthem in a way that honored the symbolism, it is a select few (Jimi Hendrix comes to mind). Many who try to add their own persona to the anthem are judged harshly and never forgiven. We're not telling you to judge her performance harshly, but take a look for yourselves and try to sit through the whole thing without cringing at least once. It may have been the All-Star game, but that opening was an All-Star flop and hopefully, everyone learns from that performance what not to do when presenting the National Anthem. Let's play some basketball. (smh)

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