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Baseball and America: A Timeless Connection

Athletes in Motion
Athletes in Motion
July 6, 2018
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Baseball. America's game. It's got a history so rich that we could hardly cover everything here. Stories like that of Babe Ruth, Micky Mantle, and Jackie Robinson have contributed to the history and the allure of baseball.Then there are the stories of men like Yogi Berra, who manned a rocket boat during the D-Day invasions or John J. Pinder, who sacrificed his life so that others may live on those dreaded beaches. During peace and war, baseball has managed to hold a special place in our hearts. Since it's humble origins, baseball has taken off to other areas of the world and garnered a fan base that is as diverse as the rosters.Maybe that's why we love baseball so much. In a way baseball is the story of America, it was born here, but has attracted so many from across the globe. Aside from exporting freedom and democracy in the form of high explosives to the face of cowardly tyrannical dictators. Baseball represents and exemplifies everything great about America. There might be a pitcher from Costa Rica, an outfielder from the Bronx, and a shortstop from Tokyo, all of whom came together to strive towards one common goal. They were strangers, and now they are a team they are a family.


When we support a team like the San Antonio Missions (a.k.a Flying Chanclas de San Antonio), we're supporting the idea of exporting all that is good about America. We recognize that it takes everyone together, striving towards our common goal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The common bond that strengthens our resolve to be a nation with liberty and justice for all.From its humble pre-Civil War beginnings by Abner Doubleday, who went on to lead men at Gettysburg against a numerically superior Confederate force and hold them off for several hours, to heroes like Jack Lummus, baseball has ingrained its way into our hearts in a way only it could.

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